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Organic Techno Tees

T-shirts created for techno lovers only. Top-quality prints. Ethical manufacturing. Fast shipping. Available now!

Wind Powered Techno Factory

Our clothing line and accessories are made of organic garments and manufactured on a low-carbon, wind-powered factory.

Amazing Manufacturing Quality

These garments are manufactured with the utmost care, our quality standards are of the utmost quality, ensuring you get the best merchandise.

Different Is Different Records

techno t-shirts for techno lovers

Our brand is about clothing and accessories made specially for the techno lovers. Our products are made with the quality and comfort in mind. Wear your passion proudly with Different Is Different Records.

We strive for the preservation of the animal kingdom, and overall respect to all living beings. We believe a message can be sent through our favourite music, which is underground techno.

The brand is designed for everyone who shares the passion for underground techno music. From DJs to the stars of the dance floor, our designs are created for anyone who loves techno. 

Rapid Delivery

Rapid Delivery

UK next working day, International 3-5 days

Easy Returns

Easy Returns

Quick instructions inside every package for returns

Certified Organic

Certified Organic

Made in a renewable energy powered factory